What could be better than a soft and cuddly teddy friend telling your child good fairy tales?
Indeed, it is a favorite toy that never runs out of the new fairy tales to match the tastes of your child or the milestones of his development. Modern kids are running ahead of time constantly changing their interests and desires. So, the toy with a limited number of stories is not very consistent with the requirements of today's young fairy tale enthusiasts. To add to this, the option of the toy content selection will enable the parents to influence the development and formation of children, as a fairy tale is the folk wisdom and rules of conduct that are transferred as a game.
We are now presenting the new
the most popular fairy tales in different languages
A multilingual site provides the most popular fairy tales in different languages allowing to create a set of different languages. For the key languages, regular content update is scheduled. It means that the
In the coming year, we have planned to extend the functions, and perhaps, the
  • For updating you need a personal computer with installed Windows system and connected Internet.
  • Take an USB cable which is in the pocket on a back of a bear, and connect to a personal computer. At first connection it is necessary to be registered: to create login (your e-mail) and a password.
  • In the browser wait for page loading in your native language: will open the private office on a web-site story.dream-group.biz. You can manually change a language if it’s necessary.
  • You can manually change a language if it’s necessary
  • Follow the instructions on the page to download and install the tale.
  • Disconnect an USB cable from your personal computer.
On each paw I have a button.
Press any button and listen to one of four fairy tales. If you want to stop a fairy tale and listen to the end of it later, press this button once again. You can do a sound more silent and louder.